NOVALDI "Time to innovate!" is a Digital Services Company (a company specializing in "Information and Communication Technologies").

> Companies and local authorities, groups and associationss
NOVALDI is the ideal partner for the realization of your Web and e-Business projects

> Websites, interactive portals, extranet applications, collaborative work, shared databases, sites and mobile apps, e-commerce shops:
This project requirecreativity, technology, organization, professionalism, advice and support. It's OUR BUSINESS !

Novaldi is 15 years old: she was born with the new century.

Founded in 2001, she has extensive experience in the design, creation, implementation and evolution of web portal sites, online sales sites and, in general, Information and Communication Systems using Web technologies.

Novaldi is based in Aquitaine, on the Izarbel Technopole in Bidart in the department of Pyrénées Atlantiques.

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